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  • Hardship Situation
  • Negative Equity
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Lender Resource Section:

This section is designed as a resource to help you thru the loan modification process. Many times it is best to contact your bank or loan servicer first. If you have not made any progress or want a professional on your side then use our site to get contacted by a loan modification professional. Should you want to go directly to your bank/servicer we have provided most major bank and loan servicers information for you.

American Home Mortgage: American home mortgage goes by a few different names; American Home Mortgage, American Home Mortgage Corp and/or American Home Mortgage Servicing. They also have the abbreviation of Ahmsi. Their website can be found at Either call them or use our site to get help with Ahmsi loan modification. Don’t type in, you will need the 3 in the end…many people miss this, so make sure you get it in!

Americas Servicing Company: If you need an ASC mortgage loan modification you can reach their website directly at ASC loan modification may help you reduce your mortgage payment and get you back on track.

Aurora Loan Services: Aurora Loan Services or Aurora mortgage, ALS for short can be located, be sure to type in the full web address of Aurora has a good track record of helping their customers with the loan modification process. They also have another web portal of

Bank of America: Bank of America has many different names they go by, B of A, BAC, Bank America, BOA and BankAmerica. If seeking a Bank of America loan modification from Bank America mortgage, they have valuable loan modification resources located at:

Chase Bank Mortgage: Chase home loans has a rather large loan modification department and to find their website go to: Chase Mortgage is one of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders and has many mortgage modification programs available to help struggling home owners.

There are also Chase short sale or Chase refinance options available, speak to a Chase rep or a Loan Modification professional to get more information.

CitiMortgage: Citimortgage is another major lender participating in many of the government loan modification programs such as the HAMP program. CitiMortgage or Citi Mortgage and sometimes known as CitMortgage has a large loss mitigation department to assist in the loan modification process. To find Citi Mortgage on the web visit,

EMC: EMC Mortgage or better known as EMC mortgage servicing or just EMC for short has been taken over by JP mortgage or Chase. EMC can give you basic contact and loan modification information at the website, you can also inquire about EMC short sale process.

FannieMae: Fannie Mae is not a lender rather they are a servicer and service loans for most of all the big banks such as Wachovia, Chase, Citi Mortgage and many others. For information on Fannie Mae loan modification and what programs they offer to help homeowners, check them out at

FHA: FHA like Fannie Mae is not a lender, they are not a servicer either, and FHA is actually an insurer of mortgage loans. They insure they bank such as CitiMortgage against default in case you miss your mortgage payments. This FHA insurance however, goes to your bank and not you. To see if FHA has any loan modification programs go to, be certain not to visit in error, it’s a .gov extension.

Freddie Mac: Freddie Mac is another GSE servicer like Fannie Mae, they are not an insure like FHA. Don’t mistake them from Fredymac, as that does not exist! For information to any Freddie Mac Loan Modification programs that may exist contact a Loan Modification specialist or look at the site

GMAC: Gmac mortgage which is owned by parent GMAC is another large lender that has many loss mitigation programs to assist homeowners with a GMAC loan modification. The corporate website is and the mortgage side can be located at

HFC: HFC or Household mortgage or financial corp. can be located in one of two ways for loan modification assistance. Try or

Homecomings: Homecomings financial seems to have gone out of business. In our search for Homecomings mortgage loan modification we cannot find any valid website for the business of even a portal for homecomings mortgage login. The closest URL we could locate was

HUD: HUD is not a lender or servicers, HUD stands for Housing and Urban Development. HUD offers loan assistance and many different loan programs to assist with loan modification and mortgage loans in general. To get more information on HUD loan modifications and programs visit,

LBPS: LBPS sometimes written as L.B.P.S is actually called IBM lender business process services. They are a rather large mortgage servicer and lbps Mortgage Company has many tools in their loss mitigation department to assist homeowners facing a hardship with their mortgage. Look them up at

IndyMac: or commonly known as Indy was actually one of the largest bank failures in US History. Their lending division Indymac mortgage was one of the biggest writers of mortgage loans in the early 2000s. Indymac loans and mortgages were taken over by One West Bank. OWB mortgage, OWB is short for onewest bank is performing loan modification for Indy customers as they took over the mortgages. One West Bank website is If looking for indymac mortgage it appears their website is down, so contact owb directly for any questions, or use our site to be contacted by a loan modification professional.

Litton Loan: Litton or Litton Loan Services was a pioneer in the loan modification process. They have been helping struggling homeowners since the mid 1980s. They are one of the first major servicers to develop a loss mitigation approach that helps homeowners stay in their home. Littonloan can be found at They have many tools in their loss mitigation tool box, their mortgage assistance programs can range from forbearance all the way to a mortgage principal reduction. They and almost all the bank and servicers off great mortgage help and mortgage support.

Naca: Naca is one of the nation’s premier not for profit housing counseling agencies. Naca holds many events throughout the country at different locations to reach out to homeowners about the Naca loan modification programs. To get help from Naca or to see a list of upcoming Naca events visit them at or

NationStar Mortgage: Nation Star is a small to medium mortgage lender/servicer yet this still have modification programs available. Check out nationstar mortgage at

Saxon: Saxon Mortgage Services has a small but helpful loan modification department. TO get some more info on a Saxon Loan modifications go to

Select Portfolio: Select Portfolio Servicing or better known as sps mortgage or even sps servicing is very active in helping homeowners in the loan modification process. For more info on SPS and their loan modification options, go to

Wilshire: Wilshire Credit Corporation or Wilshire credit mortgage was very large in originations second mortgages or HELOCs. Wilshire will give you more loan modification options, such as a short refi, short sale or even short sale alternative at their website. The URL is